Ian Fuels Greatness by Fueling Good For His Community

Ian Gives Back to His Community

No matter how busy Ian, a Fuel Up student, is playing hockey and baseball, he always makes giving back to his community a priority. Ian comes from a rural area where many of the residents are food insecure. He wanted to do something to help those in need. Ian is proud to follow in the footsteps of his great grandfather, Gus, who did a lot for his community as well and that’s where the idea for Gus the Bus was born. Gus the Bus is a  decorated bus that delivers food to those in need in Morgan county (thanks to a grant from Fuel Up).

Ian and Gus the Bus deliver approximately 200 meals a day. Ian has volunteered over 21 days this summer and has helped distribute  over 54,390 during the summer. 

Way to go Ian! Thanks for Fueling Good!

Ian And Gus the Bus

Everyone gets excited when they see Gus the Bus driving down their street. In addition to food drop offs, which include fruits, veggies, dairy, etc.,  books are passed out as well. Ian will even dress up as a cow or bunny just to have more fun with it and entertain the kids.


Meals delivered in a day


Meals distributed

21 days

Volunteered this summer