Fuel Up Learning Plan is a Shining Star for this High School Biology Teacher

As a teacher who had been creating my own science centered Fuel Up lessons for the past two years, I was excited to hear about the Fuel Up Learning Plan this year! It has morphed into a guide for my science classroom. Fuel Your Game Day: Every Day is Game Day has been a hit with my high school students.  I have been able to pull out pieces of the lesson plans or activities and differentiate/customize them for my students and classes. The amount of information, guidance, tools, and printouts has been a lifesaver during the post-pandemic adjustment of bringing students back into schools. 

The Game Plan Notebook is now part of the daily routine for my students. I found a box of old, used notebooks in my science closet. Students recycled and cleaned them out, styling the front cover with drawings, recipes, magazine cutouts, coloring pages, etc. - anything that spoke to them and put them in a positive mindset. 

When they complete their work for the day, they immediately grab their journals and add to them. Sometimes they are instructed to reflect on the lesson, but I have also printed out prompts for them to glue right on the pages. I want this to be something they enjoy looking at and creating for themselves. Some prompts include quick, thought provoking questions about real world science topics, vocabulary reflections, a food journal, an exercise tracker, and a mood tracker. I even printed out the Fuel Up Game Plan sheet from the “Activities & Assignments” section in the Learning Plan and a Fuel Up Happiness sheet I found in the Homeroom Free Period. For Team Synergy, The Game Plan Notebook has turned into total wellness journals that we plan to use for the whole year. We can’t wait for the other lessons to be available! 

Ally V.

Biology Teacher

Synergy High School

East Hartford, CT