Louisville Middle School Flag Football League Growing Strong

Fuel Up has helped get NFL Flag Kits into schools across the country. These kits are not only loaded with high quality flags and footballs, but also include curriculum for elementary, middle and high school students. The lessons are made so they are easy to follow and easily adaptable for any adult that is looking to get this program going in their schools. We like to teach football and flag skills outside when possible but can easily adapt these lessons inside as well. Fish in a Barrel has become a favorite as well as competitive drill! Each kit includes step by step instructions as well as drawn out lessons. The flags and footballs are very durable and easily adapted to children and young adults. We have been teaching Flag using our kit for over six years now! 


The love of playing football shows when students learn the game and become confident. Louisville Middle School has also had the opportunity to start a Spring Flag Football League. Five years ago a student coming home from a Fuel Up National Summit requested that we start a league and he was willing to put the work in to get it going. Students use what they have learned in PE class with our kit! We are now in our fourth spring season and have over 100 students playing! It is run for and by students with a round robin tournament and includes a championship week at the end of the school year. Students playing one day a week for seven weeks in a 30 minute game has opened our eyes to the many lessons taught on the field and having fun again! It is loved so much that our high schoolers have been using a kit to organize after school games this spring as well! 


Thank you Fuel Up, our dairy farmers and the NFL for the many opportunities you have given us to help our students eat healthier, stay active, build confidence, become leaders and simply be happier!