GENYOUth & Our Joint Commitment to Youth

Creating healthier school communities is not only a focus of Fuel Up but the core mission of GENYOUth, delivering opportunities for every child to have access to nutritious food, physical activity and leadership skills to build healthy, high-achieving futures! GENYOUth works with partners and influential leaders to tackle key issues facing youth today.

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Programs That Make A Difference

The pandemic has increased childhood food insecurity and made School Hungernomics – the economics of feeding kids and ensuring schools have meal delivery equipment and resources to feed their students – more urgent than ever. GENYOUth’s programs provide much-needed support for the 30 million students who depend on school meals for their daily nourishment. Find out more

In The News 

From our End Student Hunger Fund, to the impact of the pandemic on teens, to a national educators forum on building healthier school communities, GENYOUth is making news to help our nation’s kids. Read up!

GENYOUth provides fundraising support to Fuel Up, reaching over 73,000 schools and 38 million students.
GENYOUth serves tens of millions of students who rely on school meals for a significant portion of their daily nutrition.
GENYOUth’s Grab and Go Breakfast Carts are increasing access to 100,000 schools meals annually.
GENYOUth has facilitated the distribution of over 24,000 NFL FLAG-In-School kits to schools across the country, allowing 13 million students of all genders, physical abilities and skill levels to play flag football.

Pillars of Purpose