The Fuel Up Learning Plan for Educators

We know you’re always on the lookout for classroom ready resources that align to national standards. We’re offering the Fuel Up Learning Plan which will help you incorporate Fuel Up into your school year learning plans.
World School Milk Day

school breakfast resources

Increased concentration, memory, learning, cognitive function, even a stronger sense of community  and belonging - just to name a few of the benefits of students both in and out of the classroom when they start the day with a healthy school breakfast! 

  • Activity—Make Breakfast a Part of the Game Plan  DOWNLOAD:  Challenge your students to check in on their daily game plan to be sure they are making time to start the day with a nutritious breakfast. 

  • Lesson Plan —Gut Reaction  DOWNLOAD:  When it comes to school breakfast, teach student to go with their gut! They'll learn how starting the day with gut-healthy foods like yogurt can set them up for success.

  • Game—Play the Mood and Food Game...For Breakfast! DOWNLOAD: Encourage students to have fun with this game! Ask them to play the game as directed, but with a breakfast twist—have students reflect on how they might feel about eating each of the foods... for breakfast! 

Fuel Up is on the Road to School Breakfast - get the facts about school breakfast, learn mor about innovative school breakfast models that are proven to increase student participation, and have a chance to win Fuel Up prizes! Learn More

"I love that these lessons are linked to standards. They're thorough and can be adapted for all students. The lessons are very well planned out."
Samantha K.,PA
" I love how this lesson spells out everything I want the students to know and do in a straightforward, already designd and lined up lesson with accompaning handouts/visual. THANK YOU!!
Bonni F., MA - Healthy Food, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Learning Unit, Health Education
"We've recently created our own school garden. Our students are a major influence on the development and planning of it. This lesson will break it all down, giving them a bigger picture into farming practices. 
Kathryn, M., NY , Farmers Fuel the World Learning Unit
"I have been able to pull out pieces of the lesson plans or activities and differentiate/customize them for my students and classes. The amount of information, guidance, tools, and printouts has been a lifesaver." 
Ally V.
Ally V., Biology Teacher - Synergy Alternative High School

Here you’ll find materials that will help students discover more about the things that matter like staying active and healthy, being mindful and pitching in to the make the planet greener. Check out the lesson plans that are currently available!

about the learning plan:

  • Focuses on STEM hands-on learning opportunities, including Health, Science, Agriculture and SEL topics.
  • Aligns with national standards for grades 6-8 in science, social emotional learning, and health education.
  • Incorporates a high degree of individual goal-setting, responsible decision-making, and mindfulness.
  • Includes a focus on agriculture and environmental sustainability.


available lessons and Themes: 

Click to View: Fuel Your Game Day – Every Day Is Game Day.

Click to View: Farmers Fuel The World! 

Click to View: Healthy Food, Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Click to View: Farmers Celebrate the Earth Every Day!